Anyone in good standing with his/her church may make application to Christian Bible College. 
Anyone not affiliated with a local church but desires to know more about Jesus Christ and His Church may make application to Christian Bible College.
We are conventional to the point that Christian Bible College of Louisiana places first priority upon genuine Christian experience. Local church recommendations as to church attendance, attitude, character, and evidence of Christian calling are considered. 
A certificate or diploma from any accredited high school or equivalency (GED) is prerequisite for the Bachelor degree.
Students at Christian Bible College must, at all times, maintain high moral standards and must conduct themselves as saints of the Almighty God. Immoral conduct or acts that are unbecoming to a Christian will result in dismissal from the College.
2023-2024 TUITION/FEES
(Per Semester - 2 semesters each year)

Non Refundable Registration Fee                                $  50.00
Non refundable Late registration (after August 10)         $100.00
First, Second, and Third Year Student                                $600.00      
Fourth Year and Master I Students                                      $700.00      
Master II student                                                $800.00 
Graduation fees (4th  Year and Masters II)                            $175.00
Technology Fee                                                                         $ 25.00

SINGLE COURSES are offered at a fee of $200 per course per semester. 

Registration fees and tuition are collected each semester.  These fees do not include the cost for books or graduation.  Late registration begins after pre-registration cut off date. No new enrollments will be accepted after the first four weeks of class.  All fees must be paid in full each semester by the end of the first week of class.

Or mail Tuition and Fees to
Christian Bible College of LA
P. O. Box 850075
New Orleans, LA  70185